Featured Clients

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Joel Eshelman with Apex Personal Training

Joel is the owner of Apex Personal Training. He is passionate like many other entrepreneurs to create the best experience for his clients. One of our initiatives for his business was to take a look at the user experience of a client. The client signed up for sessions by responding to a post on Facebook and when they arrived at the gym they used a time card to track their sessions. Did this process work? Yes, but it didn't necessarily hold clients accountable or make communication easy for Joel. After evaluating many different technologies to streamline this process we ended up implementing a system that Joel felt comfortable using, would allow his clients to sign up for group training online and implemented a cancellation policy. Now when a client signs up, they are accountable since there is a cancellation period. This solved Joel's issues of tracking people down, holding them accountable and improve the client user experience by allowing them to see their sessions and sign up online. 

“Laura, is one of the most versatile professionals I have ever encountered. She has a diverse background which makes her adaptable to many roles, from sales to project management, and more. Laura is intuitive, self directed, and is constantly finding ways to add value to those around her. She is a natural born leader whose unmatched work ethic, attention to detail, and her efficiency are unsurpassed.”