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Discovery - Analysis - Solutions - Implementation

What i do

  1. Let's chat - we first need to meet to learn more about each other
    • What are your business goals? 
    • What are your biggest challenges right now? 
    • How I can help
  2. We meet to analyze your current business processes
    • How do your operations work? 
    • What processes frustrate you? 
    • What technologies are you currently using? 
    • What is currently holding you back from being more productive with your day? 
    • How do you keep track of things? 
  3. I do a review and analysis from our meeting and follow up with any clarifying questions
  4. We meet to review proposed solutions based on your analysis and steps on how to implement them
  5. We talk about the scope of work and how to plan out the solutions

If this looks like something you would find value in, let's connect.

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